Strategic facilitation – to turn ideas into reality and inspire action

  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Innovation workshops

Capability development – to gain confidence and independence

  • Sponsor development program – for Project Sponsors and leadership teams
  • Sponsor coaching program – for Project Managers to enable them to support their sponsors
  • 1:1 tailored coaching programs
  • Team based skills inventories with team development plans

Team development – to build trust and deliver with collective genius

  • Team days
  • Personal profiling to improve self-awareness and other-awareness
  • Diversity and inclusion workshops

Project Management Advice – to see patterns and stay a step or two ahead

  • Speaker on latest industry trends, including challenges and proposed responses
  • Project health checks
  • Delivery team composition recommendations

Framework design – to have a foundation from which to deliver and oversee

  • Taking a human centred design approach, guiding people on appropriate frameworks for their organisation
  • Project Delivery Frameworks – leveraging multiple methodologies including Agile, PMBOK, Prince2, Human Centred Design, Change Management, Design Thinking, Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen
  • Governance Frameworks – working out the right level of oversight minimising bureaucracy

People connection

  • Connecting people into her network of trusted professionals including help with:
    • Project Management training and certification from foundational to PhD level
    • Agile training and certifications
    • Improving your organisational culture
    • Hiring high quality project professionals
    • Skills development in complementary skills
    • Obtaining engaging expert speakers to inspire your workforce to action